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Class Descriptions

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Private Piano
One-on-one private instruction weekly. For advanced students.

Group Lessons

Introductory group lesson
 for beginners every week which includes group time at piano as well as in theory and technology lab.

 Deluxe Piano  Lesson
A one-on-one lesson,  theory lab, and technology lab every week. (20-20-20 lesson)

 Preschool Prodigies
Your Kids (age 4 to 5) Will...
Develop a strong sense for pitch, rhythm and music
Practice memorized pitch skills using the Solfege Hand-Signs
Learn to play their first musical instrument
Learn to read music in a fun, colorful and stress-free way
Sing about colors, numbers, letters and solfege
Write songs & complete cross curricular activities
Fall in love with the language and art of music.

Drumbeat Kids Team

 Thiis is one of our most popular new programs and it is drumtastik! Playing rhythms and using choreography with drum sticks, drum buckets, and large balls is a blast and fun for ages 7 to 14. Students will learn basic rhythms and routines, team-work, highlevel thinking skills, and it is great exercise as well.


While the photo above may not exactly portray our adult piano lessons, we put it here for fun to let any adult know that it is NEVER too late to start music instruction. We are happy to schedule an appointment with any adult that may be interested in instruction to see if we are a good fit for their schedule, our schedule and our instruction method.  The oldest student Donya' Easterly ever taught was 92 and it was great fun!   So, if you are a mom that is staring at a piano that your kids once played but they are grown now, why not give it a try? If you took lessons as a child and want to return, we are happy to work with you. Whatever the reason, there is a place for ALL that love music at Easterly Music Studio.


Private Voice Instruction for 
ages 12 to 18.  Weekly 30 minute lessons.

Link to Grace Notes Choir on welcome page for full descrition of our homeschool choir  program for 
ages 5 to 18

Summer 2019

SUMMER CAMP Dates: June  10 through July 18  ( Five Themed One Week Camp Sessions)

Registration Begins: March 1, 2019  (Classes fill quickly. Register early)

New Students:                                                  for our                                                      in April.
                                                                               (By appointment only)

2019  Summer Camp Themes:
Summer Choir Camp, S.T.E.A.M.  Technology Camp,   Splash Off With Piano Camp, The Four Fathers Of Music (Music History) Camp, Le't Go To The Movies, Accompany Me Piano, Drum Bucket Blast Camp, Solfege Boot Camp.

Our Complete Summer Schedule, registration forms and course description will be available on March 1, 2019 Schedule your Open House Appointent to check out our entire summer program, receive a studio tour and to register in person.  

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Summer Open House Day
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Video: What Are You Doing This Summer?
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Sarah Musselman, current choir parent (2016-2019).
April 2019
"My kids have participated in this choir for several years now, and it is the highlight of their week.  This year I had one kid in each age group, and all of it has been wonderful. The music education is fantastic; they have all learned so much.  I have one kid who easily "gets" music and one who struggled with rhythm and discerning notes (and one a bit in between), and ALL of them have flourished and grown musically, well beyond my expectations.  In addition, they memorize speaking parts and gain confidence in public speaking. Their performances take place at local nursing homes as a service project.  On top of all that, I've noticed an increase in their responsibliity and independence, as they take charge of their equipment, speaking parts, being part of a group, etc. Mrs. Easterly expects a lot from them, and has incredibly encouraged each kid at their individual needs.  I really cannot say enough about what a blessing this choir has been for my kids. "

Cassandra (Kennedy) Murrel,  Current piano parent (2016 to present)  and former piano student (1993 - 2000)​​
January 2016
"I absolutely LOVE Easterly Music Studio and Donya! I was blessed to have taken from her all through middle school, jr. high school, and high school. I learned so much and that I was capable of so much more than I ever thought possible! Now, 17 years later, my son expressed that he wanted to play the piano. I looked around and imagine my excitement and delight to learn that Donya was still teaching! It was a no-brainer! He has been taking now for almost a year and has flourished into a great little (beginning, for now) pianist, and he absolutely LOVES it, and Donya. I can't imagine my musical life without Easterly Music Studio. Such wonderful memories and experiences."

Cassie Jones, Grace Notes Ensemble parent. 2016 -2017
January 2017
"Ellie loved her week of singing. The experience has really brought out a new
side in her. She sings all the time now - in her room, in the car, in the shower! "

Sandy Cervantes Williamson reviewed Easterly Music Studio — 5 star
April 21, 2017 · 
"My children are excited about their piano lessons and thoroughly enjoy going to class every week! Mrs. Easterly is an excellent teacher!! She is passionate about what she does, and it shows through her teaching and character. My children have grown so much in their piano knowledge and skills since beginning piano lessons with Mrs. Easterly."

V Dela Rosa- Goedecke
 · January 8, 2018
"Easterly Music Studio has been a wonderful asset to our homeschool music schedule with choir and piano. Our daughter had only a summer long piano lessons with another teacher who was also amazing but she no longer teaches so I had to find a good fit for us to continue. Well I did and not only has it been a good fit it has been a perfect fit!!! My daughter has been now learning for 2 years under EMS and has flourished extremely!!! She loves all the challenges and games it keeps it fresh in the teaching and is awarding as well. Thank you for all you do Mrs. Easterly!!!"

Ellen Pool
 · January 27, 2018
"If you are at all geographically convenient to the Easterly Music Studio, I would highly recommend them for music lessons. I wish I had known about Mrs. Easterly when we lived in Pearland! My daughter would thoroughlyenjoyed taking lessons with her!"

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Kinder Prodigies Choir 
  Age 5-7

Preparatory Elementary (PE)
Age 7 to 11

Preparatory Secondary (PS)
Age 12 - 18

Community Service Project
"Songs and Socks for Seniors

Pitch Perfect (PS)
Age 14 to 18

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Voice Instruction

Private One-On-One
Weekly Instruction
(Ages 12 to Adult)

         Easterly Music Studio, originally founded in 1993, has the longest running music program in the Friendswood Area

Donya' Easterly, Founder
Easterly Music Studio was originally founded in 1993,  quickly growing in size an relocating to two commercial locations from 1993 to 2003, with 11 faculty members, an office staff, and 300 families participating in music instruction each week at our facility in the heart of downtown Friendswood.  In 2004, Easterly Music Studio closed when a once in a lifetime opportunity presented itself to the entire Easterly family.  Donya' Easterly would accompany her own three children, (ages 5, 8 and 11) joining the cast and crew of the Troika Entertainment International Broadway Asia Tour of "The Sound of Music" from 2004 to 2006.  All three Easterly children were cast as Gretl, Marta and Friedrich, performing in 276 shows throughout Asia in major theatre venues in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.  In 2004, Donya' moved to Asia.

Upon returning to the states, Donya' offered music coaching to several select former students, teaching them privately at her home studio in Friendswood.  In the Spring of 2016, Donya'  officially re opened Easterly Music Studio where she now provides piano, voice, preschool piano, and choral instruction each week.  By September 2016, Donya' once again had a waiting list of students wanting to join Easterly Music Studio.

Donya' Easterly was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Growing up in a musical family,  there was never a day without music. Her parents played many instruments and passed their love of music on to Donya' and her siblings. She was the daughter of ministers and also grew up with a strong church music background.  At a young age, Donya' knew she wanted to teach music.  She has vivid memories of teaching  piano pieces to her elder baby sitters when she was only seven years old. Dallas Girls Chorus, summer music camps, school musical productions  and weekly piano and voice lessons filled her week. 
In high school, Donya' became interested in field of  music therapy which was a brand new field at the time.  That interest continued when she attended Baylor University to major in music. Donya' spent her undergraduate years volunteering  with music therapist, Mary Jo Ard  in Waco ISD assisting in events like the Very Special Arts festival held each Spring.  Donya' was granted special permission by Baylor to spend half of her student teaching under the instruction of Mary Jo Ard at Dripping Springs Special School in Waco I.S.D, delving more into music therapy.  The other half of her student teaching was spent in music education.
Donya' graduated from Baylor University in 1988 with a Bachelor of Music Education degree specializing in piano, voice and choral music. Donya' taught K-12 music instruction in Waco, Alvin and Clear Creek I.S.D.  She also taught private music instruction at Westminster Christian Academy in Houston.
 Today, Donya' continues to teach piano privately; homeschool her youngest daughter (now in highschool);volunteering in her community with organiations like  suitcase4soldiers (founded by her oldest daughter)  and Trinity Oaks Retirement Center. Donya' also accompanies for events like UIL.
Donya' is  actively involved in the education consulting business having worked in the past  for companies like MacMillan McGraw Hill and Prepcube where she presented pedagody and technology workshops to Texas Music Educators throughout the state of Texas.  Donya' continues to mentor other educators at the beginning of their careers providing consulting services as they establish their own music and or education businesses. She serves as a mentor to young homeschool families starting their homeschool journey and is very active in Gulf Coast Christian Home Educators Association.

Donya' believes that learning is meant for a life time. Therefore, she participates in continuing education courses every year through attending music conventions,  music workshops, classes for music educators, homeschool conventions and courses for homeschool educators. 

Donya' is a degreed music teacher in the State of Texas with a valid Texas teaching certificate to teach all levels of music education, K-12.  Donya' also holds certification in all levels of the Mayron Cole Piano method and Kindermusik. Donya' completed training in the  Classical Conversations curriculum and participates in homeschool conventions and continuing education courses for the homeschool teacher and parent.
Donya' holds membership in  Texas Music Educators Association, Texas Private School Music Educators Association, Choristers Guild, Texas Music Teachers Association, Gulf Coast Christian Home Educators Association, Baylor Alumni Association, Mu Phi Epsilon Alumni Association and Alpha Delta Pi Alumni Association..  In her spare time, Donya' enjoys working in her flower and vegetable garden, playing with her dogs (DaVinci, CeCe and Ruthie), and spending time with her family.
"To know your future, you must know your past." George Santayana.  The future is bright for Easterly Music Studio in 2017.  Mrs. Easterly is entering  new phase of life as her youngest child will graduate from high school in the next year.  If someone would ask of her, "What will you do when your children are all gone and you have an empty nest?", her reply would simply be " while I miss my own children dearly, my life is forever filled with  children as I have an entire family of students that now spans two generations.  As long as there are children to teach, Donya' will always know what to do."


​​ Professional Memberships, Certifications and Award 
Texas Music Educators Association                    Texas Private School Music Educators Association      Texas Music Teachers Association
         Choristers Guild                                                     Gulf Coast Home School Educators                                Mu Phi Epsilon
         Baylor Universty Alumni Association                  Alpha Delta Pi Alumni Association                                  Music Teachers National Association
         Kindermusik Maestro Award                                Prodigies Ambassador                                                                                                
Certification All Levels of Mayron Cole Piano Method
Certification All Levels of Kindermusik
Texas Educator Certification All-Level Music Pre-K - 12


SUMMER 2019 

Attend Our Open House

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Open House Sign Up
Easterly Music Studio will have a Summer Registration Open House in early April

PLACE: Easterly Music Studio in Friendswood.
TIME:  By appointment only. Contact us at [email protected] for appointment.

This is a FREE Open House for any family interested in learning more about the programs at Easterly Music Studio.
To attend, please complete a contact form                                    so that we may have your information on file as we prepare materials for our Open House.   

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  1. Donya' Easterly, age 3 years old
    Donya' Easterly, age 3 years old
  2. Piano friends playing duet
    Piano friends playing duet
  3. Theory Games
    Theory Games
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    Title 21
  5. Title 24
    Title 24
  6. The Sound of Music Asia Tour
    The Sound of Music Asia Tour
  7. Kindermusik class
    Kindermusik class
  8. Studio Piano Recital
    Studio Piano Recital
  9. piano recital
    piano recital
  10. Piano duet at recital
    Piano duet at recital
  11. Recital
  12. Piano Christmas Recital  Time
    Piano Christmas Recital Time
  13. Students at Christmas party
    Students at Christmas party
  14. Friends playing duet at recital
    Friends playing duet at recital
  15. Recital
  16. Christmas time at Easterly Piano Studio
    Christmas time at Easterly Piano Studio
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  18. Piano Recital
    Piano Recital
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    Spring Recital 2016
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