Tuition Prices Listed Below for each course of instruction. ​​
 Additional Fees: one time yearly registration fee of $15 
 Material/technology fee due May 1st. See registration packet table for this cost by class.
Deluxe Piano Lessons & Beginner Group Lessons

$1300 for one year of instruction
  (includes summer camp)

Payment Plan Available Below:
1. Make 2 payments of $650 
2. Make 11 equal payments of $118

lessons are 60 minutes weekly and include private instruction, theory lab and technology lab.
​​Grace Notes Homeschool Choir 

Kinder Choir, Preparatory Elementary and Preparatory Secondary Groups:

         $600 for one year of instruction                        (includes summer camps)

         Payment Plan Available Below:
          Make 2 payments of $300
​                           OR
          Make 11 equal payments of $55

Pitch Perfect Advanced Choir Group
       $720 for one year of instruction
           (includes summer camps)
          Payment Plan Available

  ​    Make 2 payments of $360
      Make 11 equal payments of $65
Preschool Prodigies

$825 for 1 year of weekly instruction.
       (includes cost of summer camp)

    Payment Plan Available Below:
   Make 2 payments of $412 
​                 OR
   Make 11 equal payments of $75


  $825 for one year of instruction
      (includes cost of summer camp)
Payment Plan Available:
Make 2 payments of $412
Make 11 equal payments of $75

Private Piano & Private Voice Weekly Instruction

Plan 1: $1600 per year for 30 min weekly
Plan 2: $2000 per year for 45 min weekly

Payment Plans Available:

Plan 1:
Make 2 payments of $800
Make 11 equal payments of $145 (30 min)

Plan 2:
Make 2 payments of $1000
​              OR
Make 11 equal payments of $181 (45 min)

We are excited to offer our teen leadership program for high school students that have had at least one year of insruction at our studio. For more information on this wonderful program that will give a student volunteer and leadership opportunities, contact Mrs. Easterly for an application. Application due April 1, 2019
Scholarships:  Students that have been enrolled in our program for at least one year may apply for a financial hardship scholarship in the event of family job loss, events like hurricanes, or any other situation that would keep a student from being able to continue instruction.  If chosen, the scholarship is given to a student for 1 semester and can be extended under special circumstances.  We reward approxiately 4 scholarships each year.
Customer  Loyalty Rewarded:    We  value customer  loyalty at our studio program.  We have been serving the Friendswood area since 1993 and our programs are very popular.  We now have 2nd generation students taking lessons at our studio  We feel that once you attend our open house or meet with Mrs. Easterly, you will feel at home and will  want to commit to one year of instruction at our studio in your favorite music area of interest.

With that said, we know that some families may want to try our program out first before fully committing to a year of instruction.  

                                              is for families  wishing to only try us out.  We cannot guarantee a spot in our school - year schedule to 
students that only register for our summer program as our year-round students are given preference in class day/time/sections and we usually have a waiting list during the months of August to May.  If you are happy with our faculty and program after attending our Open House or Studio Tour, we encourage you to sign up for a year of instruction to guarantee a place in one of our classes.   We do have an early withdrawal policy as well which you will find in our studio policy booklet given to all students in their registration packet.
Families that commit to a full year of instruction receive special pricing at a lower rate as well as loyalty discounts designed for our year-round students.