Summer Camp 2019 Schedule

Week 1: June 10-13 
Age/Level                                                       Camp  Title                                                 Time                                           Course No. 
High School                                           Student Teen Leadership Program                   2:45 – 3:15                              STLP-1
8-14/ Beginner                                     Bucket Drumming Camp Year One                   3:15 – 4:00                              BDY1-1
Any                                                         S.T.E.A.M. Tech Camp                                         4:00 – 5:00                              STEAM-1
Any                                                         Solfege Boot Camp.                                             5:00 – 6:00                             SBC-1
Week 2: June 17-20  
Age/Level                                                         Camp  Title                                                 Time                                           Course No.                              

Any                                                            Let’s Go To The Movies                                 1:00 – 2:00                                LGTTM-2
Intermediate/Advanced                        Accompany Me                                               2:00 – 3:00                                AM-2
Beginner                                                  Splash Off With Piano                                    3:00 – 4:00                                SOWP-2
WEEK 3: June 24-27
Level                                                          Camp  Title                                                            Time                                Course No.    
Intermediate                                            Bucket Drumming Year Two                         9:15 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.       BDY2-3
8-11                                                           Choir Camp PE                                                 10:00 – 11:00                      GNPE-3
12-18                                                         Choir Camp PS/PP                                           10:30 – 11:30                      GNPS-3
    (*Day 4 of camp – PE, PS and PP will attend a combined rehearsal from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and will overlap on other      days as they spend part of each rehearsal together)      
5-7                                                             Kinder Choir                                                     11:30 – 12:30                       GNKC-3
Week 4: July 8-11                                  
Level                                                          Camp  Title                                                       Time                                     Course No.    
 Any                                                           Let’s Go To The Movies                               10:00 – 11:00                       LGTTM-4
 Any                                                          Solfege Boot Camp                                       11:00 – 12:00                        SBC-4
 8-14/Beginner                                       Bucket Drum Year One                                12:00 – 12:45                        BDY1-4
Week 5: July 15-18
Age/Level                                                          Camp  Title                                            TIME                                       Course No.                                 
Any                                                          S.T.E.A.M.  Tech Camp                               1:00 – 2:00                               STEAM-5
Any                                                           Four Fathers Of Music                                2:00 – 3:00                             FFOM-5
Beginner.                                               Splash Off With Piano                                  3:00 – 4:00                             SOWP-5
Intermediate/Advanced                     Accompany Me                                             4:00 – 5:00                              AM-5

Additional Summer Offerings: Private Instruction Scheduled throughout summer with interested students
All students are required to take one summer music camp OR 4 summer lessons which is included in the cost of their Yearly tuition. The cost of one Summer Camp is included in the cost of Yearly tuition. Students may want to take more than one summer camp. There is an additional add on fee at a reduced price for enrolled students that want to take more than one summer camp. If interested, let Mrs. Easterly know.

Easterly Music Students can participate in any of the above camps no matter which course of study they are in during the school year. For example, piano students can sign up for bucket drumming camp.  In bucket drumming, we work a lot on reading and playing difficult rhythms which can be helpful when reading their piano music. Any course that says (Cross-over) in the camp description can be taken by any student.

Additional Summer Offerings: Private Instruction Scheduled throughout summer with interested students
All students are required to take one summer music camp of 4 summer private lessons which is included in the cost of their Yearly tuition. The cost of one Summer Camp is included in the cost of Yearly tuition. Advanced Students that take private piano or voice instruction will schedule individual lesson times with Mrs. Easterly through out the summer.

How Do I Register for Instruction?

1. Schedule a Studio Appointment/Studio Tour or attend Studio Open House.

2. Complete Registration Paperwork.

3. Pay Registration Fees.


Course Descriptions (Summer and School Year)
All  enrolled students will be able to choose one music camp.  There are specific camps for Piano, Voice, Drum and Choir students. In addition, there are camps that are cross-over camps, meaning they are camps that all music students can enjoy together, regardless of their area of study.  Please read the descriptions in detail. Sit down with your child and see which one(s) is of interest to them.  Popular Camps from the past are also on our camp choice list. You will see that many camps are offered twice because I will be limiting class size and grouping according to age and ability. I will also give date and time preference to those that register first. Please indicate your first, second choice on your enrollment form. If you are out of town and unable to attend any of our popular camp choices, you will be given the option of four half – hour OR two one-hour private summer lessons that your yearly tuition will cover in which Mrs. Easterly will individualize a lesson plan for your child. However, there will be fun, creative activities that can only be enjoyed in a camp atmosphere that will not be included in a private lesson.  Once a student has turned in all paperwork, Mrs. Easterly will confirm your enrollment, class day and time, via email.  
SPLASH OFF With Piano (Age 7 to 12). (PIANO STUDENTS ONLY) (Beginners with no experience) Students are introduced to keyboard geography, location of keys, rhythm, ear training, time values of notes, and more through learning songs, theory games, iPad Music apps, clapping, counting, and more.  Each student is given a book filled with beginning pieces and theory activities. At the end of the camp, students perform for their parents.  Students complete the entire primer level of piano during this course and are ready to continue in LEVEL IA of piano in the Fall.  Students are grouped according to age and ability. Students MUST HAVE a keyboard or piano to use at home as daily at home practice is required. In addition, students participate in theory lab and technology lab during this camp.
THE FOUR FATHERS OF MUSIC  (7 to 18)  (CROSS OVER CAMP)Students must have completed at least one year of music instruction in piano, choir or voice in order to take this course.   This is a wonderful course that combines music history, theory and composition. Students explore famous composers together while learning their history, history of the time period in which they lived and the history of their music. Many  pieces are analyzed and students create their own compositions as they become the composer by the end of the camp. This is a great camp for students that are interested in composition or music history. As a musician of any instrument, including the voice, one should know the history of music and the famous composers that made it all happen.
Let’s Go To the Movies” is a music camp where students will experience what it is like to be a silent movie musician.  They will participate in small acting scenes. They will learn the history of the film music industry and popular film composers. There will be lots to listen and watch for as they figure out what soundtracks are appropriate to use in certain scenes.  Students will learn the history of films as well as the composers that create film scores and they will also learn about careers in the film industry. Students will see what goes on behind the scenes in music and why it plays such a vital role in the movie industry. And so much more! This is a great camp for any music student.
There is an art to accompanying.  Every musician, except a pianist, needs an accompanist.  Vocalist, instrumentalist and choirs all need an accompanist in order to perform their music.  However, not all pianist are accompanist.  Accompanying is a learned skill. In this camp, intermediate and advanced level piano students will be introduced to skills that are required of a good accompanist. They will learn to read and play parts from a choral score. They will learn to play choral warm up exercises. They will also learn a short piece of piano accompaniment for a solo instrument or vocalist.  When Mrs. Easterly was in college, she had a part time job as an accompanist. She only worked six hours a week but made as much money as her college friends that were working part time jobs 20 hours per week.  For a pianist, accompanying is a wonderful skill to have and it can add to the income of a college student as there are always accompanying jobs on any college campus that has a music program. This is a great course for our studio piano students.
Solfege, ear-training and sight reading are essential to every musician, no matter their instrument of study. This class is good for all Easterly Music Studio Students whether they are studying voice, piano, drums or choir. Beef up your inner ear and musical chops with this challenging and fun class. The class is centered on identification and dictation of intervals and introduction to major and minor pentascale construction. Students will participate in many fun ear training activities that include the use of instruments as well as their voice.  Students will also use computer based and iPad based ear training activities. Students are encouraged to actively participate during class by identifying and demonstrating solfege intervals learned. Be prepared to use your voice, your ear and your instrument.
S.T.E.A.M. Tech Camp  (CROSS OVER CAMP – All Ages) STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.  Students will turn  bananas into a piano keyboard that  actually plays notes.  Next, students will construct their own floor keyboard made from cardboard, paint  and aluminum foil.  With the help of MAKEY MAKEY, students will turn every day objects into instruments like a piano or bongos. They will connect their keyboards to the computer and later to the popular program, Piano Maestro where they will play songs on their newly created keyboards.  On the last day of class, students will explore additional possibilities with their keyboard answering questions like, “Can we make chords?” and more.
Students will be playing rhythms and using choreography with drum sticks, drum buckets, Remo drums, tambourines and stability balls combining drumming, music, movement and cognition through a multi-modular, cross-curriculum approach that sparks creativity and critical thinking.  Students enjoy performing together to popular tunes. Students will be given a bucket drum, drum sticks and bucket drumming music.
BUCKET DRUMMING YEAR TWO (Drum Students Age 8-16)
Students must have taken year one of bucket drumming to participate.  This year, students will learn more advanced music and rhythms. In addition, students will add  additional rhythm instruments to their playing, in addition to the bucket drums. Students will be given a second instrument this year that they will bring to class in addition to their bucket drum from year one.
STUDENT TEEN LEADERSHIP PROGRAM (High School Students) Mrs. Easterly is happy to announce this program at our studio. It is by application only. Current students that have been in our program for at least one year may apply. Please read description of this program on page 11 of this hand out.
Summer Choir Camp:  
PE/PS/PP (Preparatory Elementary, Preparatory Secondary and Pitch Perfect level Choir). Students ages 8 to 18 will work  on a fun musical this summer.  Students must participate in at least one summer choir camp or sign up for private lessons (if they are out of town during choir camp). in order to participate in Grace Notes Choir program during the school year. Students spend choir camp learning songs that they will perform at the beginning of Fall, prior to learning Holiday music for our December Holiday performances. Disney Music, Folk Music, Classical Music, Broadway Tunes, Church Music and more are part of our standard repertoire. Private summer choir lessons are given as a convenience to the student that is on vacation during choir camp so that he/she may  learn the music and continue in choir in the Fall. There is an additional fee for private instruction.
Kinder Choir Prodigies .  Our Kinder Group for age 5 to 7 years is a non-performing group where the young child is introduced to singing. Students are given a singing method book for young beginners.  2019 students will also receive materials from the Prodigies Program for which Mrs. Easterly is a life time ambassador of. This program is carefully designed to introduce the young singer to the basics of singing and reading music. It also covers the basics of correct posture and breathing technique. Students sing well-known children’s songs long with the use of Solfege syllables to help the student identify pitches within the key. Students will play simple rhythm instruments, melodic instruments, play music games, rhythm games and more. When a student graduates from this program, they are eligible to participate in Grace Notes Preparatory Elementary Choir. Year 2 students will receive a new instrument.